"Wine Beauty" ends filming in March

"Wine Beauty" ends filming in March

27 Feb – Fans of baby-faced actress Myolie Wu will be able to see her on screen soon, as she recently revealed that filming for her mainland Chinese drama "Wine Beauty" is nearly over.

According to Popular Asians, at a recent photoshoot session featuring the cast of the drama, the actress revealed that they will conclude filming in March 2013, although no broadcasting date has been announced.

The drama, mainland's first television drama about sommeliers and wine production, is a romantic idol drama that includes cast from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China, such as Li Sheng, Mao Zijun, Myolie Wu, Joy Pan and Roy Chiu.

Li Sheng plays Lin Xuan, a low middle-class worker who travels to Shenzhen against all odds to search for her boyfriend Zhao Xi (Mao Zijun). There, she discovers that Xi and Shen Yiman (Myolie Wu), the only daughter of a prominent wine tycoon, are engaged. Problem ensues when Xuan also unwillingly gets involved in a winery dealership conflict between Yiman and her stepmother, Dan Li (Joy Pan).

Directed by Chang Hsiao Ching, the 40-episode drama also stars Wang Zhifei, Jack Liu and Wu Yufang.

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