Wong Jing admits Wong Kar Wai better

Wong Jing admits Wong Kar Wai better

16 Jan – Despite being the only director who challenged Wong Kar Wai's "The Grandmaster" by releasing his movie, "Young and Dangerous: Reloaded" on the same 10 January schedule, Wong Jing recently admitted defeat after watching the result of Wong's three-year endeavour.

According to Jayne Stars website, Wong Jing updated his Weibo, saying, "I am very, very impressed. Since 1988 until now, this is the first time I felt like I have truly lost."

However, Wong Jing is not the only filmmaker who was amazed by Wong Kar Wai's latest movie. Chapman To, Leo Ku, Giddens Ko and even "Ip Man" trilogy director Wilson Yip have all praised the film in their respective social media sites. "Love in a Puff" director Pang Ho Cheung even praised the movie and called "The Grandmaster" a masterpiece.

Meanwhile, the film has already grossed more than HKD 225 million, succeeding Wong's 2004 movie, "2046".

"The Grandmaster" will open in Singapore on 31 January.

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