X Japan YOSHIKI completes wax model

X Japan YOSHIKI completes wax model

29 May – Japanese rock legend YOSHIKI of X Japan has now joined the exalted ranks of Asian celebrities that have been immortalized with a wax model by the Madam Tussauds Wax Museum.

According to JpopAsia, the wax model of YOSHIKI was unveiled at Hong Kong branch of the renowned wax exhibition, after it took some 20 modelers to complete the model in 3 months. YOSHIKI's measurements were taken while he was on the Paris and London leg of X Japan's international tour last year.

To mark the completion of the model, YOSHIKI himself put the final touches of adding his trademark eyeliner to the model at the unveiling ceremony on 26 May.

Before YOSHIKI, well-known Asian stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan had been given the honour of having a wax made to look after them.

The YOSHIKI wax model is expected to be on display in Japan when the museum opens their new branch in Japan in 2013.

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