Xiao Zhen still wants divorce

Xiao Zhen still wants divorce

8 Mar – Taiwanese actress, Xiao Zhen, recently debunked rumours of a supposed reconciliation with her surgeon husband, Li Jinliang.

According to Asianpopnews website, the actress recently updated her Weibo and expressed, "Why did the tabloids fabricate such reports? It's silly, selfish and disgraceful!"

Asked if she and Jinliang are trying to mend their relationship and will not proceed with their divorce, Xiao Zhen said, "I do not know who started the rumour. It does not represent what I think. It's better that you ask the person who does not wish to divorce," hinting at her husband, Li Jinliang.

Earlier, a tabloid reported that Xiao Zhen and her surgeon husband have decided not to proceed with their divorce, after it was revealed that the divorce process has been delayed.

Li Jinliang's lawyer then claimed that the delay was not caused by any disputes in alimony or child custody, but may have been caused by the couple's love for each other.

The reconciliation rumour was fuelled later by Jinliang's Weibo post, where he stated, "Whatever happens, I will not give up", triggering speculations that he may still harbour hope to rekindle his relationship with Xiao Zhen.

In October 2012, Xiao Zhen announced separation with her plastic surgeon husband, Li Jinliang after the latter was reported to have been cheating on her sixteen times.

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