Yang Mi to produce Chinese "Gossip Girl"

Yang Mi to produce Chinese "Gossip Girl"

4 Nov – Mainland Chinese actress Yang Mi recently confirmed that she will be producing a Chinese version of American hit TV show, "Gossip Girl".

Popular Asians website reported that the actress was recently seen with the media mogul, Larry Namer and "Vampire Diaries" actress, Katerina Graham. It was reported that the actress was there to discuss details about the Chinese version of Gossip Girl, to be aptly titled, "Chinese Girls".

Yang Mi is the latest mainland Chinese star who is branching out into production. Other mainland actresses such as Fan Bing Bing, Li Bing Bing and Xu Jing Lei already started their own production studios and branched out into Hollywood.

Following their footsteps, the "Palace" actress recently established her own production studio and is currently setting her eyes on international projects.

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