Yuna Kim releases four different behind cuts from pictorial

17 April 2013

[by Joy Kim] Jewelry brand J.Estina released behind cut photos of Olympic Champion figure skater Yuna Kim from pictorial shoot.  

Unlike past pictorials, four different behind cut photos include fresh and cute images of Yuna Kim. From the photos, Yuna Kim is showing four different expressions in different poses. In some photos, she looks as a majestic queen and some photos she looks as fresh young woman in 20s. 

For the pictorial, she wore white sleeveless top and accessories from J.Estina. The charm bracelets are from J.Estina’s FAVOLA COLLECTION. 

According to the brand, they will release new piece from the collection inspired from Yuna Kim. All of the items will be sold from May. (photo by J.Estina)  

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