Zac Efron: Bungee jumping is awesome

22 April 2012

Zac Efron thinks extreme sports are “absolutely amazing.”

The Hollywood hunk is a daredevil in his free time.

Zac recalls a perfectly relaxing day he experienced recently.

“The sun was just coming up, so it was absolutely amazing,” he told People magazine. “We did a couple of hours bungee jumping off the bridge. Then we came back, ate some Mexican and had a few beers. If I could’ve made it any better, maybe a massage after that.”

Zac pushed his body to the extreme as he prepared for his role in recently released drama The Lucky One. The actor underwent grueling physical training with a real Navy Seal.

“We’d train, puke our guts out, eat breakfast and then go straight to filming,” Zac recounted.

Zac respects Matthew McConaughey, his castmate in upcoming film The Paperboy. The young star hopes to one day have a venerable career similar to his friend’s.

“[Matthew is a] good dude. First day of filming, I just put Matthew in the best friend bank,” Zac said. “There’s more [work] to be done yet. I’m young. I’ll get there.”

The Lucky One is now in US theatres.

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