Zhou Xun's naked photos found

Lester Gan Wai Lun
30 September 2011
Zhou Xun's naked photos found

30 Sep – Bedroom shots of actress Zhou Xun and naked photos have reportedly been discovered at her ex-boyfriend Wang Shuo's residence, according to a report on May Daily's website.

Police were said to be shocked by the discovery, after searching the playboy's mansion when he was recently indicted for illegal possession of firearms.

Zhou's management team has strenuously denied the claims, saying they reserve the right to sue.

Wang earned the title as one of the "Four Young Masters of Beijing" due to his extravagant lifestyle and scandalous affairs with tons of female celebrities.

His most recent headline was for his dispute last year with rival Wang Ke, also one of Beijing's "Four Young Masters". Wang Shuo reportedly slammed his station wagon into Wang Ke's Audi, causing it to burst into flames.

It is said he then pointed a gun at Wang Ke's head but he got his accomplices to deny it and hide the evidence.

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