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Indonesian Mozzarella!

Right up front at the entrance of Hall 6 was some surprisingly delicious mozzarella - from not Italy, but Indonesia! Greenfields has just launched this fresh cheese in Singapore, and it's likely the first South East Asian cheese to be sold in Singapore. An Italian passerby who tasted it insisted it must be from Italy, and could not believe it was made in Indonesia.

Fancy some Indonesian Mozarella?

24 April 2012

This year's Food Hotel Asia (FHA) swept up the entire Singapore Expo floor space (Halls 1-9) and filled it with all manner of products for the F&B industry. FHA is a biennial event that brings to market a myriad of food and hospitality products from around the world. Would you care for some Ecuador snack chips? Bottarga from Sardinia? Mozzarella from Indonesia? Do you know where to get goose feet and guinea fowl in Singapore? FHA had them all.

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