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Drew Rivera
Drew Rivera I am a hopeless romantic. One time, in high school, I made dinner for my girl friend on Valentines day. I made chicken with spaghetti. I was so nervous for her to come. It was at my house, and I set the table with candles in the middle, low light. I wore a suit, and used my Mom's nice plates and silver wear. She came over, looking beautiful. I lit the candles, served this spaghetti I made, and truly it tasted terrible. But neither of us wanted to ruin the mood. So we both struggled through the dinner, faking smiles at every swallow.

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29 July 2012

The hit show "Hot Guys Who Cook" on Diva Universal (Mondays 9pm [8pm Jakarta] on Diva Universal - StarHub 522 in Singapore, Astro 702 in Malaysia and in the Philippines: Asian Vision Cable Channel 40; Cablelink Ch. 37; DREAM Satellite Ch. 33; Global Destiny Ch. 40; Sky Cable Ch. 37) revealed how they could put some heat in the kitchen.

Now 15 guys on the show reveal previously-secret fun facts about themselves. What they've admitted: more than a few of claim to be "nerds" (umm, right),  dream of being in a boy band and claim "not to have any body hair right now." To find who said one, we present a gallery of "Hot Guys Who Cook" revelations.

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