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Chloe Sevigny

When you consider the amount of jostling on crowded red carpets, it's a surprise there aren't more wardrobe malfunctions at award shows. "Big Love" star Chloe Sevigny fell victim to a rare one at the 2010 Golden Globes when going to accept her award for Best Supporting Actress. The usher helping her onto the stage accidentally stepped on the train of her dress, tearing it and eliciting a loud gasp from Sevigny. She momentarily composed herself to begin her thank-yous, but made time to tell her escort, "I can't believe you just ripped my dress!"

Most memorable moments from award show speeches

19 February 2013

Most actors use their time to thank agents, family, managers, and

mentors when they finally make it onto the stage for a big award. But

some stars really know how to make an impact with those 30-something


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